Dear Valuable Customer,

It is our privilege to inform you about the next step in combining the Power of our European Branches:

*** Consolidated Road- Airfreight Fine Art Shipping ***


In view of global climate change, and increasing general costs we have decided to take our group onto the next level of World Wide Art Logistics.

With the foundation of the Art-Alliance it was the intention of the Hasenkamp Group to merge our fleets of dedicated art trucks and art personnel of our various European companies under one logistic management. The sole target of this co-operation is the use of capacities from both companies together in the most economic, secure and efficient way possible.

It is our vision to leave behind the wrong obstinacy causing empty trucks rolling across Europe, part load occasions not being used, packing material bought at different costs and the investment into special equipment already available.

The last years our fleets have substantial upgraded, art handlers, drivers and packers have met in joint trainings, project co-ordination has been streamlined. The main reason of the existing of ART ALLIANCE is the provision of capacities for the daily work of all our companies and at the same time meeting the quality expectations of you, our valuable customer, partner and friend.

Consolidated Road-Airfreight
Fine Art Shipping
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